D 3.3 Delivery of the Soil Moisture Database

Project deliverable

Under the UN Framework convention on climate change, governments are obliged to report emissions of greenhouse gases as inventories. MELODIES work package 3 has been developing new land cover and soil moisture products, targeted at the reporting requirements of the UK government, along with a linked data portal to explore these datasets more interactively and widen their uptake.

This document accompanies the delivery of UK-wide soil moisture data. Painstaking work has been ongoing to recover historic soil moisture data for the UK. These data are being recorded in a new relational database at the NERC Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, UK. The database is fully functional and available to WP3 partners for conversion to Linked Open Data, testing of SPARQL queries and portal development. A subset of the database has already been converted to linked data on the technology platform provided by WP2 to enable exploitation of these novel techniques for sharing data and adding value. Next steps are to bring these in situ data together with gridded soil moisture estimates from models and remote sensing to address the needs of the inventory scientists.