ncWMS version 2 released

We are pleased to announce that we have released version 2.0 of the ncWMS software. This is an implementation of the OGC Web Map Service specification for scientific data held in formats such as NetCDF. Here are the release notes:

This version has had a major rewrite from the 1.x series of releases. We have refactored the project and created a set of libraries named EDAL - Environmental Data Abstraction Layer - which perform a lot of the functionality which was previously within ncWMS.  This will allow us to use these libraries in a wide range of other projects which we work on, and hence get improvements, bug fixes, and new features back into ncWMS quickly and (hopefully!) easily.

There are a number of small improvements with this v2 release, but some of the more major additions include:

* Support for SLD styling
* Easy configuration of additional styles based on SLD templates
* Support for in-situ data visualisation from the Met Office EN3/4 databases
* Many more palettes and a simple configuration for adding new ones
* An improved Godiva3 web client
* Moved security configuration to the servlet container
* Moved build system to Maven - this makes it easier for 3rd parties to build the project and use the EDAL libraries in their own projects
* Updated to the latest NetCDF libraries from Unidata

We have also moved our hosting to GitHub, and you can find the new ncWMS page (with links to the download) here:

Ocean data visualized in a number of GIS clients via ncWMS

Ocean data served from ncWMS and displayed in a number of GIS clients