New version of Sextant

A new version of Sextant has been released.

Sextant is a linked open data visualisation tool at the core of the MELODIES project. It is used for the development of many of the services. Sextant is created and maintained by the University of Athens.

The user interface and the server components of Sextant have been re-designed and re-implemented. Two new clients have been developed: a cross-platform browser-agnostic web-client and a mobile client designed to run on Android 4.2+

Many new features have been added to Sextant in order to improve user experience and non-experts to all make use of all the features provided. These changes include hiding the interaction with the SPARQL endpoints and providing a friendly interface for creating SPARQL queries.

Other new features include support for GeoTIFF images, feature colouring, predefined queries and may more. You can see a map with all possible layer types in the new release of Sextant here.

For the full description of this update from the University of Athens, click here.