Numerical Groundwater Model Results as Linked Open Data

Conference abstract

A service has been developed that facilitates the management of groundwater bodies (aquifers) using linked open data. Numerical models simulating the behavior of each aquifer are hosted in Cloud Services, both for data model as for the model execution itself in a flexible virtual dedicated computer. Data are periodically and automatically obtained from open databases (mainly climatic conditions data) and public agencies (water level observations and detractions) in order to update the model. An ontology has been designed to describe groundwater data coming either from measuring sites or model results. This ontology has been applied to an area of interest with an associated numerical model and transformed its results to Linked Open Data (RDF) files. This set of Linked Open Data files has been stored in a RDF store (Strabon) located in a cloud platform. Finally, a set of Web Services has been designed to query the above mentioned database as a public interface. This methodology has been applied to the Delta del Llobregat Aquifer located south of Barcelona (Spain).