Open data supporting management of urban growth challenges

Conference presentation

Tomas Soukup, GISAT

with Erika Orlitova (GISAT)

Urbanization is a big challenge, but also a big opportunity globally. Nowadays, there is little shortage of information on cities. Many cities have data, maps, plans and statistics to inform decision makers but many of these resource are not easily accessible, or are stored separately making the integration of different products difficult and timeconsuming. The UrbanExplorer tool developed by
GISAT helps in urban data ingestion, integration, data-to-information processing, information exploration, communication and collaboration. It manages Open Data exploitation including Copernicus and Earth Observation data flows, and scalable, parallel data processing for urban growth monitoring at a strategic level. Our service will allow better communication between different city stakeholders in order to support and streamline decision‑making.


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