Workshop on Publishing and Interlinking Linked Geospatial Data

In a recent workshop at the European Semantic Web Symposium 2015, we - from the University of Athens - presented the life cycle of linked geospatial data, concentrating on two important things

1. The publication of geospatial data as RDF graphs.

2. The interlinking of these data.

Recently, we have witnessed a proliferation of geospatial data on the Web. In addition to professionally-produced material being offered for free (e.g., Google or Bing maps), the public has also been encouraged to make geospatial content, including their geographical location, available online (e.g., OpenStreetMap). In addition, there is now a substantial amount of public sector information becoming available as open geospatial data The volume of such geospatial Web content is already large and constantly growing.

Semantic Web researchers and practitioners have also started to make geospatial data available as linked data (e.g., Ordnance Survey, Great Britain's national mapping agency, makes a lot of its geospatial data available as linked data and the portal LinkedGeoData makes OpenStreetMap data available as RDF, etc.). Since a lot of data useful to the wider public is geospatial (e.g., open government data), we expect this trend to continue in the near future.

To set the stage for the workshop, we gave an overview on representing and querying geospatial information in the semantic web. The topic of the workshop was related to all the core research areas of the Semantic Web (e.g., semantic information extraction, transformation of data into RDF graphs, interlinking linked data etc.) as there is often a need to re-consider existing core techniques when we deal with geospatial information. Thus, it is timely to train Semantic Web researchers, especially the ones that are in the early stages of their careers, on the state of the art of this area and invite them to contribute to it.

For more details you can visit the website of the tutorial and have a look at the slides!

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