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Strabon is a spatiotemporal RDF store. We are using it to store and query the linked geospatial data used in each of the services.

Strabon is a semantic spatiotemporal RDF store. You can use it to store linked geospatial data that changes over time and to pose queries on that data using two popular extensions of SPARQL: stSPARQL and GeoSPARQL. Strabon can be used to model temporal domains and concepts such as events, or features which change over time.

Strabon supports spatial datatypes and is able to serialize geometric objects in OGC standards WKT and GML. As well as storage, Strabon also supports a range of querying operations e.g. spatial and temporal selections and spatial and temporal joins. Strabon offers a rich set of spatial functions, similar to those offered by geospatial relational database systems and support for multiple Coordinate Reference Systems.

Strabon is built by extending the well-known RDF store Sesame and extends Sesame’s components to manage thematic, spatial and temporal data.