The University of Reading (United Kingdom) is ranked as one of the UK’s 10 most research-intensive universities and one of the top 200 universities in the world, with a world-class reputation for teaching, research and enterprise. Reading staff contributing to the MELODIES project come from one of two centres within the university:

  • The Reading e-Science Centre will coordinate the MELODIES project as well as contributing visualization tools to the MELODIES shared platform.
  • Members from the UK National Centre for Earth Observation will lead the emissions inventories application.

Terradue Srl (Italy) is a private SME created early 2006. It has expertise in development and integration of geospatial services in Grid and cloud environments for operational settings.

Terradue Srl manages the deployment of the MELODIES shared platform which supports service development, this includes hosting and providing technical support to other project partners.

Assimila Ltd (United Kingdom) is an independent consultancy company working in the fields of environmental monitoring, modelling and prediction. Assimila specialises particularly in applications and markets for Earth observation but also works broadly across all environmental fields.

Assimila is the leader on assessing the sustainability of the services produced. Assimila is also the primary administrator of the project website.

Terranea (Germany) is a SME offering technical assistance and advice on global environmental and development challenges using geoinformation. Terranea has strong expertise in using geospatial information in the context of crisis and disaster management and are experienced in data sharing policies and principles.

Terranea will contribute to the crisis mapping services - investigating globally available open data sources and related gaps, setting up a historic flood extent database for Europe and developing a database with reference layers for disaster hotspots.

GISAT (Czech Republic) is an SME which provides a portfolio of value added, high quality and state-of-the-art geoinformation services based on the Earth Observation technology. These services include image processing, spatial data analysis/geostatistics, informatics/programming, geography and land management/spatial planning.

GISAT is the leader of urban accounting services. GISAT will also contribute to cross-cutting tasks relating to the MELODIES shared platform, the assessment of sustainability and the project website.

VISTA (Germany) provides research and development, consultancy and software development for remote sensing applications. VISTA specialises in yield estimation of agricultural crops, modelling of evapotranspiration, runoff and ground water recharge, advanced land use classifications using GIS tools, observations of snow cover and water bodies, and precipitation and soil moisture observation for flood modelling and forecast. 

VISTA is the leader of the land management services. VISTA will also contribute to cross-cutting tasks relating to the MELODIES shared platform, the assessment of sustainability and the project website.

INGV (Italy) is an independent organization working under the supervision of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research. The Bologna group - which works in this project - is responsible for the Mediterranean nowcasting/forecasting activities, including the development of numerical modelling at the basin and coastal scales, the data assimilation algorithms and the service for users.

INGV is supplying software and expertise to the ocean status assessment services. The software contributes to the computation of the indices for oceans assessment.

Critical Software (Portugal) provides information systems services for multiple sectors from Aerospace and Defence to Banking, Government and Telecommunications. Critical Software has been providing Earth Observation services since 2001 in Emergency Response (fire risk and burnt scar mapping), Land Management (forestry, planning, desertification and water management) and Maritime monitoring (vessel detection).

Advanced Computer Systems (Italy) is an SME specialising in design and development of Ground Segment systems and facilities for EO data acquisition, processing, archiving and dissemination. The specific know how related to Ground Segment development has been growing in parallel with the capacity to develop remote sensing data applications. The applications developed by ACS Environment Division include: monitoring of marine environment, vegetation, volcano eruptions, desertification; forest mapping,and many others.
In ACS will coordinate the Ocean Status Assessment services, designing and developing all the SW components that are needed to provide the service.

The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece) was founded in 1837. The Department of Informatics and Telecommunications has been active since 1986 and it is widely recognized as the top Computer Science department in Greece.

The University of Athens participates through the group of Prof. Manolis Koubarakis and leads the work in Semantic Web and Linked Data technologies in MELODIES.

EOXPLORE (Germany) is a new consulting company providing geospatial computing and information processing expertise. EOXPLORE's work includes research and development of tools to improve 3D laser scanning technology to monitor and detect changes of interior spaces and containers.

EOXPLORE will contribute to the crisis mapping application. In addition EOXPLORE will contribute its visualisation and mapping expertise to the MELODIES shared services.

Hydromodel Host (Spain) is an SME which provides hosting for over 30 numerical groundwater flow models. Similar to web hosting or e-mail accounts, Hydromodel Host allows users to access their numerical models, update their models with new data, and analyse a variety of different "what if" scenarios.

Hydromodel Host is the leader of the Groundwater Modelling services.

NERC CEH (United Kingdom) is the national Centre of Excellence for integrated research in terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems and their interaction with the atmosphere. 

NERC CEH will contribute to the Emissions Inventories application, linking to agricultural greenhouse gas inventory stakeholders and compilers, linking with existing inventories, collating datasets and developing data services.

CSIC (Spain) is the largest public multidisciplinary research organisation in Spain. The contribution to MELODIES will be made through the Arid Zones Research Station (EEZA), located in Almeria, SE Spain. The research team is concerned with interactive relationships between geomorphic processes, soil evolution, and vegetation in arid and semi-arid environments.

The CSIC team will contribute to the Desertification Indicators Service, particularly Land Cover Status. This involves implementing a protocol for assessment and monitoring of land degradation using open geospatial data.

Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugal) is the largest school of engineering in Portugal.  The contribution to MELODIES will be made through the CERENA, which is a research centre of Instituto Superior Técnico. The main objective of CERENA is the development of an interdisciplinary scientific area of natural resources and environment. 

CERENA will contribute towards the Desertification Indicators services.

HERMESS is a privately owned company developing and providing innovative solutions on environmental issues to the offshore, coastal and harbour sector. Close links with research institutes, universities and being backed up by the maritime industry ensures that the latest techniques and services are available for our clients.

Our staff include highly qualified physicists, mathematicians, information technology engineers and coastal engineers, having many years of experience in the coastal and oceanographic sector.

HERMESS is specialised in processing radar, optical and acoustics measurements, numerical modelling, assimilation of measurements in models and the development of marine environmental information services and decision support systems.

HERMESS was founded in 2013 and is located in the Geomatics Business Park in Marknesse, the Netherlands .