Software Tools

MELODIES has funded the development of a series of open source tools relating to data visualization and management of Linked Data. Many of these tools are available through the Shared Platform and used to develop the MELODIES Services.

Introductions to these tools can be found in the two videos below, taken from the Exploiting Open Data conference in October 2016. Slides from these talks are available here.

Click on the links below to find out more about each of our tools, and how you can use them.

Strabon is a spatiotemporal RDF store. We are using it to store and query the linked geospatial data used in each of the services.
Silk is a link discovery framework, extended in MELODIES to include spatial and temporal relations' analysis.
Sextant is a visualisation tool which supports the exploration of linked geospatial data that changes over time.
Ontop-spatial is a new open-source software that allows us to use linked data techniques on data that are not already stored as RDF
Converts large environmental datasets to images that can be displayed on the web. We use this for displaying raster data in web portals.
GeoTriples allows us to quickly transform our pre-existing EO-based and geospatial data (shapefiles, KML, GeoJSON) into RDF triples.
CoverageJSON is a new, easy to use format for publishing geospatial data to the web, primarily designed for use by web developers.