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Some Open Data Measurement Tools

In this guide, I’m going to be talking about some open data measurement tools which are intricately useful. Currently, there are five measurement tools that measure both similar and different aspects of open government data.

The first: Open data barometer.

Assessment of open data readiness and implementation with impact. It analyses all kinds of global trends and also provides comparative data on the countries and global regions. It covers almost 115 countries. Back in the year 2016, it had covered 115 countries, but I’m sure it covers more now. He completely focuses on national governments. It includes G8 and G20 countries as well. It even includes OGP and OECD countries. It has expanded from 77 countries in 2013.

Now let’s talk about data collection. The fourth edition was August to December in 2016. The date of publication was made of 2017. All the six charter principles, but not completely.

The second: Global open data index.

It would be an assessment of key databases in 15 thematic areas which are all available as open data. It includes a summary analysis of all kinds of trends and roadblocks as well. The key datasets are developed in collaboration with expert CSO is, which will make sure and give assurance about the relevance of civil society. The ongoing crowdsourcing with an expert review which would create a national index. 94 countries were covered back in the year 2016. It would focus on national governments. It had expanded coverage from 70 countries to 94 countries. It addresses charter principles two and three.


The third: Open data inventory.

It would be an assessment of the coverage and the openness of all kinds of official statistics across many data categories. The money would be 21. The index focuses on data which is made available by national statistics offices. It has official coverage in 180 countries. Back in the year 2017, a covered 180 countries. It addresses charter principles of 2, 3 and four, but not completely.

The fourth: OECD OUR data index

The assessment of an open government Data policy across the OECD countries and partners, completely focusing on data availability. The accessibility and support of the government for reuse. The methodology would be the government survey completed by the public sector and the officials from OECD countries and partners, with analysis by OECD secretaries. It would include secondary and third-party indicators. If we are talking about geographical coverage, it has coverage in 32 countries in the year 2017.

The fifth: European Open data maturity assessment.

It has geographical coverage in 39 countries. It is a government survey, which was completed by officials with validation and analysis from the European data portal team in all kinds of cooperation with government officials.

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